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Louisiana man held for two 'racially motivated' murders
Police say a copy of an Adolf Hitler speech was discovered in a search of Kenneth Gleason's home.

Hurricane Maria bears down on Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
"Evacuate," Puerto Rico's safety commissioner warned residents. "Otherwise, you're going to die."

Colorado police hunt 'Mad Pooper' jogger
A family says the woman keeps defecating outside their home, even though public toilets are nearby.

Nadiya Hussain opens up about her panic disorder 'monster'
The Bake Off winner talks candidly about how her "life revolves around not falling apart".

French and Saunders reunite for Christmas special
The sketches will include a spoof of Emmy-winning drama, The Handmaid's Tale.

Elisabeth Moss had a secret message 'to the patriarchy' in her Emmys outfit
The Handmaid's Tale actress had a hidden message "to the patriarchy" on her shoes.

Manchester police still relies on Windows XP
More than 20% of Greater Manchester Police's PCs run on the operating system, posing a hack risk.

Google launches UK 'anti-terror fund'
Google will give UK £1m to counter extremism as part of wider plans to deal with such content on its platforms.

Smartphone sales boom with over-55s
A study indicates that 71% of 55-to-75 year olds in the UK now own an app-capable handset.