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Latest National News

US-China trade war: Trump announces new retaliatory tariff hikes
The president hits back at Beijing's plans by hiking tariffs on Chinese imports by another 5%.

First death linked to vaping reported in Illinois
The Illinois case comes as US health officials track 193 cases of a lung illness reported by vapers.

Florida car-park killing: Gunman guilty as 'stand your ground' defence fails
Michael Drejka had claimed self-defence when shooting an unarmed man in a parking dispute.

Edinburgh Comedy Awards: 'Unique' Jordan Brookes wins top prize
Jordan Brookes wins best comedy show for I've Got Nothing, scooping a £10,000 prize.

Pictures: Ed Sheeran plays first Ipswich homecoming gig
The Suffolk star's world tour is drawing to a close over four nights in his home town of Ipswich.

Can Daniel Craig complete his biggest mission - modernising James Bond?
Producers say the new film "should reflect" shifting attitudes - so can Daniel Craig modernise Bond?

Tesla and Walmart address solar panel fire issues
The supermarket chain had issued a lawsuit against Tesla over a series of solar panel fires.

Android ditches desserts as Q becomes 10
The next version of the Android operating system (OS) will not be named after a dessert.

Nintendo Switch: Exchange deal is fake news
Rumours online that gamers could swap their Switch for an updated version turns out to be untrue