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US military lifts transgender ban
The US military lifts its ban on transgender members, allowing them to openly serve in the country's armed forces.

US Air Force base put on lockdown due to drill confusion
A lockdown has been lifted at Andrews Air Force base, which is home to the US president's aircraft, and has been found to be a 'misunderstanding'.

Cyclist in northern US killed by grizzly bear
A grizzly bear attacks and kills a cyclist just outside Glacier National Park, police in the northern US state of Montana say.

Trumpton creator Gordon Murray dies aged 95
Gordon Murray, creator and puppeteer of the popular BBC children's series Trumpton and Camberwick Green, dies at the age of 95.

Oscars push for more gender and ethnical diversity
Oscar organisers invite a record number of new members to vote in the next Academy Awards, in response to sharp criticism about lack of diversity.

Queen sex jokes on BBC Radio 4 a 'serious breach' of guidelines
A BBC Radio 4 show broadcast on the Queen's 90th birthday that included jokes about her sex life was in serious breach of editorial guidelines, the BBC Trust rules.

Oculus chief latest social media hack victim
Oculus chief executive Brendan Iribe is the latest in a string of tech bosses who have had their social media accounts hacked.

Apple patents concert camera blocker
Apple patents for technology that could stop smartphone cameras being used at concerts.

Hajj pilgrims to be given e-bracelets
Pilgrims travelling to Mecca next month will be given electronic bracelets as part of a safety crackdown ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

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